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2ND Year Exam ( Martin Luther King)

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2ND Year Exam ( Martin Luther King)

Post by tanita on Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:51 pm

Read the text carefully then answer the questions.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the
USA in 1929. At that time in America, black people didn't have equal
rights with white people. Black people had to sit in the back of busses.
The schools were segregated and there were even separate public
restrooms for black people and white people. Black people's lives were
not very good.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a minister in a
Church. He fought against racial segregation. He wanted equal rights
for all people. But he didn't use violence in his fight. He asked people
to fight peacefully. For example, he asked black people to ride in the
front of the bus. More than 200,000 people went to Washington D.C. to
listen to him speak and ask the government to change unfair laws.

Because of Martin Luther King, Jr., many laws began to change in
the United States. But many white people disagreed with him and his
ways. In 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by a white man.

SECTION ONE : Reading & interpreting (15 pts )

1- What is the text about ?
a – Black Americans struggle . b – Martin Luther King and his achievements .

2 - Say whether these statements are true or false .
a - Black people had equal rights with white people.
b - Black people's lives were not satisfactory.
c - Martin Luther King never used violence .
d - Martin Luther King was killed by a white man .
3 - Answer the following questions according the text.
a - Did black American have the same rights as the whites ?
b - What was Martin Luther King Jr.'s job ?
c - How did he ask people to fight for their rights ?
4 - Find in the text words that are closest in meaning to the following.
of the same value (§1) - faced (§2) - not just (§2) - murdered (§3)
5 - Find in the text words whose definitions are :
b - Great roughness and force (§2) .
a - The official rules that apply in a country or a state (§3) .

6 - Complete the following table :

Verbs live separate disagree succeed
Nouns …………….. …………….. ……………. …………….
7- Fill in the gaps with the right word from the list :
must - mustn’t - have to - don’t have to.
a - Students …………….. practice sports .
b - They ………… respect the schools rules .
c - They ……….. use the cell phone at school .
d - They ………. do their home-works at class .
8 - Spot the mistake in each sentence and correct it .
a - He is excellent in physics . He don’t have to take extra lessons .
b - I can swim when I was ten .
9 - Mark the intonation at the end of each sentence with an arrow : .
A : Hello , Could you help me please ?
B : Certainly .
10. Fill in the gaps with one of the following words :
segregation - symbol - racist - non-violent
Martin Luther King became the ………..of the powerful fight against racial
discrimination . He received the Nobel Peace Prize on April 4, 1968 for his work to
end racial …………… through civil disobedience and other ……………means .
He was shot assassinated by a …………. in Memphis ( Tennessee ) .

SECTION TWO : Written expres​sion( 05 pts )
Choose ONE of the following topics .
Either topic one : Using the given notes , write a paragraph describing the wonderful
world you’d like to live in .
- Food , shelter , education and health care for all .
- Sane environment .
- No arm making .
- Use of nuclear power for pacific purposes .
- Land of peace , love and tolerance

Or topic Two :
Imagine you are the headmaster of a secondary school . Write eight school rules
about what pupils must or mustn’t do .

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Re: 2ND Year Exam ( Martin Luther King)

Post by Mohamed on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:43 pm


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