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Post by karimhr on Sat Nov 08, 2014 10:17 am

Hami Medjdoub Aek                                                                          Stream: Literature and philosophy  
High school                                                                                               School year:      2012/2013
The First Term English Test N°1
Read the text carefully then do the activities

     One of the earliest civilizations with written evidence is that of the Sumerians. Arriving in the Tigris-Euphrates valley from Central Asia in approximately 3500 BC, the Sumerians pervaded the existing settlements of the Ubaidians, of whom little is known, in southern Mesopotamia. Taking control of the land and its resources, these individuals developed a complex civilization that would live on to influence later civilizations.
     Within the southern section of Mesopotamia, which came to be known as Sumer, regional city-states developed. Each of these city-states was ruled by a king. Because Sumer was a region of numerous city-states, conflicts among the states were frequent. Often, these conflicts arose over rights to water and land, and it was common for one city-state to attempt to gain complete control over a neighbouring city-state. Such internal dissension led the region to be conquered by King Sargon of Akkad. In 2000 BC, the area was invaded and came under Babylonian control.

1. Circle the best answer
A. The text is about : a. The Sumerian Civilization     b. The babylonian Civilization
                                      c. Sumerian economy
B. The type of the text is : a. expository       b. descriptive      c. narrative

2. Say whether the following statements are True or False according to the text.
a. The Sumerian Civilization is a modern civilization.
b. The Ubaidians were wellknown in southern Mesopotamia.
c. Tensions in Sumer were about water only.
d. Later, the Babylonians dominated Sumer.

3. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a. Where did the Sumerians come from?
b. Why did conflicts arise among city-states ?
c. Who invaded Sumer in 2OOO BC?

4. In which paragraph is it menioned that the Sumerians had impact on other civilisations
5. Find in the text words that are opposites to the following.
a- much ≠ ………(§1 ) b- exactly ≠ ………(1§)    c- peace ≠…… (§2)  d- lose ≠ ……….. (2§)

6. Find in the text words that are close in meaning to the following.
a- proof =……… (§1 )  b- affect = ……….(1§)    b- flourished =……(§2 )  d- whole = ……….(2§)

7. Complete the following chart.

To invade
To know

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